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About Us

About the firm:

The company was created by a physical culture, nutrition and supplementation enthusiasts along with entrepreneurs who know the market and customers demands. The heads of the company, not afraid of strong competition, introduce new standards of service quality and contact with the client.
Our specialists team consists of:
- clinical dietitians who know the patient's needs well and are able to choose supplements for particular illneses
- coaches of athletes (physically active people), specializing in cooperation with players of such disciplines as powerlifting, crossfit, football, volleyball, triathlon or cycling, trainers who know exactly the needs of customers who are training such sports
- personal trainers / instructors, who have daily contact with clients who are exercising for themselves, mainly to improve their health and quality of life The headquarters and our warehouse is located in Bolesławiec, Poland where we also run a stationary store. Our shipments are handled by the most effective carriers in the country and around the world, which allows for basically trouble-free and timely delivery straight to the customer.
The company as a goal sets the satisfaction of its customers, which will result in its development on the global market. The cooperation and promotion of athletes who are a living advertisement of properly selected supplementation will also help to gain that global reach.
We have started with around 1500 products of the highest quality and 100% of them are legal on our market.


What makes us stand out

Our main commercial domain are customer-relevant values ​​such as :
- shipping in 24 hours
- ability to get our customers almost any product they want, even if we do not have this product in our stock (requires longer waiting period)
- help in choosing the appropriate supplementation, through 3 sources of information exchange: livechat, e-mail, telephone
We work with specialists who are committed to help each client. We help not only athletes or active people, but also people who sometimes need to improve their well-being by choosing the right vitamins or probiotics.
The quality of our products is confirmed by various types of research as well as by producers who are themselves already proven brands on the market - Optimum Nutrition, Olimp, Now foods, Jarrow Formula, or Swanson. Products of these brands have been used by a huge group of consumers for years.
We offer products for everyone - children, pregnant women, sports enthusiasts, elderly people and professional athletes.
We also give our customers the possibility of negotiating prices, which allows us to be competitive on the market. On top of that, each client has the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program, where by collecting points they get additional discounts for subsequent orders.
It's also worth following our fanpage and website, where we post about our weekly promotions and free shipment opportunities.
We value the opinions of our clients that is why we ask them to leave opinions whether the cooperation with our company was successful or not.
On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a lot of health, great physical form and of course successful shopping!



We understand that order fulfillment time is crucial to our customers. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that your package arrives as quickly as possible. We pack the goods with great care to prevent any damage. You can place an order with us without worry because our inventory levels are instantly updated, ensuring they accurately reflect what is happening in the warehouse.

Our hard work yields the intended result, as evidenced by the positive reviews from customers who have put their trust in us. Find out how our customers rate us.

Discover how our customers rate us.


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