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LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsulesLR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsulesLR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsules
LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsules
LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsules
LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsules

LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Kapseln (Immunity, Bovine Colostrum) 60 capsules


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  • Ingredients Table
  • About the brand
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  • Nutritional information
  • Articles
  • Slimming diet
  • Frequent bacterial and viral infections
  • Immune system related diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • Muscle, cartilage, skin and nerve diseases
  • cancers
  • Open wounds, ulcers, burns
  • Intensive sports training
  • Insulin leveling

Colostrum LR is a high quality product thanks to the patented, mild so-called cold production process. This product is obtained from the first or second milking up to 12 hours after birth. It is the noblest and most valuable substance in the world. Contains over 250 natural chemical compounds. Unlike milk, Colostrum does not contain lactose.

Colostrum is the first mammalian milk, also called colostrum or youngster. Colostrum occurs only during the first hours after birth. Contains immunoglobulins, amino acids and growth factors. They guarantee healthy development, balance and support of the immune system of new born animals (mammals). Colostrum helps new born mammals survive the first days of life.
  • Vitamins: A. B-complex, C, D3, E and folic acid
  • Growth factors: IGF, TGF
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Minerals and trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, selenium, chromium, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium
  • Amino acids
  • Immunoglobulins: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM,
  • Imunnoregulators: lactoferrin, polysaccharides

Growth factors regulate the functions of cells, tissues and organs, stimulate the proper growth and treatment of old wounds of the skin, muscles and other tissues. Growth factors additionally support fat burning when the user of the preparation uses a slimming diet. They slow down the aging process of the body.

PRP proteins improve cognitive function and improve Alzheimer's patients in their daily life functions. They also have the ability to modulate and stabilize many biological processes in the body. Affects the activity of the immune system (stimulates humoral immunity).

Lysozyme is a protein found in most body fluids. It is useful in destroying bacteria, e.g. in the intestines. Lysozymes have a versatile effect: bactericidal effect in the course of infection in combination with lactoferrin, therapeutic and prophylactic effect on tooth decay, and analgesic effect.
  • It has the Certificate of the Fresenius Institute, which is the most valued quality certificate.
  • High quality, high quality and patented.
  • Colostrum does not contain preservatives.
  • Safe for children.
  • Arises in the so-called cold production process, thanks to which it retains all substances beneficial to health.
  • It has approvals and is systematically controlled during production.
  • It leads to strengthening of the immune system.
  • Obtained only from the first milking within 12 hours of the birth of the calf
  • It compensates for growth hormone deficiency
  • Changes the aging process
  • Regenerates all tissues
  • Colostrum strengthens immunity in children and adults
  • Supports regeneration of bones, cartilage, skin and muscles
  • Protects against infections
  • unpasteurized
  • No antibiotic residue
  • Does not contain preservatives


Use 1 capsule twice a day. Morning and evening with water.

Container: 60 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 30
Form: Capsules

Content in a portion
in 100 g
< 0,1g
saturated fatty acids
< 0,1g
< 0,5g
of which sugars
< 0,1g
< 0,01g

Other ingredients
77% Powdered cow colostrum (cow's colostrated milk powder, skimmed), gelatin, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), dye (titanium dioxide).
About the brand
Nutritional information
A dietary supplement / A nutrition supplement as a substitute for everyday diet, used for weight control.
Cannot be used as a substitute of a healthy and balanced diet.
Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women.
Do not exceed recommended dosage per day.
Keep out of reach of children.
Best before: date on the package

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Manufacturer: LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH 59215 Ahlen, Germany

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