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Dextrose - simple sugar, which is one of the fastest-absorbable supplements on the market. It is used by athletes who feel energy deficiencies while exercising. It is also effective in the recovery of muscle and liver glycogen. From the point of view of expanding muscle mass, it stimulates the pancreas to an additional ejection of insulin, which is an anabolic hormone, which can have a big impact
on mass building. There are also studies confirming that dextrose increases creatine absorption, which is why it is good to use them in combination.
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ENERVIT Maltodextrin (Maltodextrin, CARBO) 450g
Food that satisfies the body's needs during intense physical effort, especially athletes. A dissolvable drink containing digestible forms of carbohydrates suitable for supplying the body with an appropriate amount of energy, recommended during and after physical…
OLIMP Dextrex Juice (Dextrose) 1000g
Olimp Dextrex Juice contains dextrose, a carbohydrate that increases the secretion of hormones with anabolic effects. Improve endurance and speed up building muscle mass. Appropriately selected carbohydrates are necessary if we want to ensure proper muscle condition.…

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