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Energy Bars

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ENERGY BARS - products that are used in particular during endurance workouts. The composition of such bars most often has a reduced amount of fat, increased amount of protein, and important electrolytes, without which our effort would not be fully efficient.

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Enervit Power Sport Bar 2x30g
ENERVIT POWER SPORT is an energy bar suitable for intense physical effort, stimulates muscle activity that occurs during sports. A set of two bars provides: - reduced fat (-30% compared to traditional bars) -protein (18%), which helps to build muscle mass -magnesium,…
ENERVIT Power Sport Competition - 40g - Cocoa Bar
ENERVIT Power Sport Competition - 40g - Cocoa Food that satisfies the body's needs with intense physical effort, especially for athletes. High energy bar with the content of branched chain amino acids, vitamins, creatine and saccharides with gradual absorption…
SiS Mini GO Energy Bar 40g
About the brand:   SIS, or actually Science in Sport, is a brand associated primarily with their cooperation with the cycling team called Team Sky. It is represented by cyclists such as the world champion Michal Kwiatkowski or Chris Froom who is the winner of…

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